Is it really bad for you to eat lots of fruits?

Week after week, I’m listing on this blog the benefits of many ingredients, particularly fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes people wonder if it is bad to eat lots of fruits, mainly because of its high sugar content. It is a concern that can be understood, and I will try to answer the question, although, as always, it is difficult to determine exactly what we call “a lot” or “too much”.

Eating fruit every day is good

First of all, I want to highlight the obvious: it is very good for your health to eat fruit every day, and even more if you vary the type of food. Because each variety of fruit can provide you with different nutrients, in particular vitamins , as well as having a more or less high content in fibers or in sugars. In fact, it’s not a bad thing that your source of sugar is fruits instead of other foods like sweets, or industrial pastries.

Of course, anything consumed in excess can be bad for your health. In the case of fruits, eating too much could lead to eating much more sugar than recommended in a healthy diet.

Find out about the sugar content of fruits

Since the risk of consuming too much sugar is the main limitation of eating lots of fruits, a good preventative measure is to learn about the nutritional composition of your favorite fruits. In this way, you can assess its sugar content and compare it with the recommended daily amount, to establish maximum portions and not pass. But it is not about obsessing and weighing each piece of fruit, but about having a general information about the composition of each variety, and thus be able to make a reasonable consumption.

More vegetables and less fruits

If you’re worried about eating too many fruits, then a good trick is to replace some of them with vegetables. The advantage is that you will continue to provide vitamins and nutrients to your body, but with greater tranquility, since vegetables tend to have little sugar. I speak in general terms, of course. Surely researching we could find some vegetables with a lot of sugar and a fruit with little. But, you know what I mean. If you also have some knowledge about the composition of the vegetables you choose, you will have all the information to be able to have a more balanced diet.

Be careful with juices

I’m not talking about industrial juices, which at that point you should know how unhealthy they are, particularly because they do not usually carry vitamins (or very few) and have an excessive concentration of sugar. No, in this case I want to warn you about the caloric trap that constitutes the natural juices.

Everything comes by its liquid format. For example, when you drink a large glass of orange juice, you are absorbing most of 3 or four oranges. Maybe not all, for example a part of the fiber sticks to the shell, but they do consume practically all the sugar in those fruits. But since it is a drink, you hardly notice that you have eaten 3 or 4 fruits. That way, if you take several juices, you can quickly exceed the recommended daily amount.

As you see, you do not have to worry too much about fruits, having a responsible consumption and a minimum of knowledge about the amount of sugars that you absorb every day, you can perfectly limit your intake within healthy parameters, and that with all. The advantages of providing your body with very beneficial nutrients.

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